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Advantages Of Schools Using E-Rate Consulting Services

The e-rate program is very important to a lot of schools because it helps them access funding for the internet and other telecommunication resources. If you're trying to enter this program and use it effectively, you might consider utilizing e-rate consulting. It can help in several ways.

Easier Time Securing Funding

If your school has never dealt with an e-rate program before, then you may not be sure where to start. You'll gain the clarity you need though if you work with an e-rate consultant who knows all about this funding program and how it needs to be used by schools that are in financial need.

For instance, your e-rate consultant can show what forms to fill out and what types of funding to secure for different internet-related resources. That ultimately saves you time and keeps you from making costly mistakes.

Help You Receive the Right Amount of Funding

Even if you're accepted into an e-rate program, it's still important to make sure your school receives enough funding as to help children with their education. If you hire an e-rate consultant from the very beginning, you'll quickly find out how much funding is needed.

This consultant can account for relevant factors, such as the number of students that attend your school and its current financial status. Once this projected funding total is provided, you can better keep track of discounts and ultimately make sure they're enough. 

Assist With Audits

If your school gets accepted into an e-rate program and is subsequently audited at a later date, you need to prepare for this process as thoroughly as you can. Then you can show your school was compliant and thus deserves to still keep an active enrollment status as to save money on various internet-related resources.

You can hire an e-rate consultant and then get help preparing for this audit. You'll find out what it will look like and how you can get through it in one piece. As long as you take your consultant's advice, this assessment isn't going to cause your school issues.

There are a lot of schools that qualify for an e-rate program, which is federally funded and helps schools gain access to discounts for internet resources. Your school can work with a consultant and thus have an easier time managing this e-rate program for as long as it's needed. From applying to dealing with compliance, these consultants make it easier to manage this federal program.  

For more information, contact a local e-rate consulting company.