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Effective Epigenetic Practices Pregnant Women Should Utilize

If you're a pregnant woman, you want to do everything you can to ensure the health of your baby. You can start during this through the prenatal stages, a practice known as applied epigenetics. Here are a couple of epigenetic practices that are important to consider during your pregnancy. 

Keep a Healthy Weight

Even though you're going to gain a lot of weight during pregnancy as you're eating for two people now, you don't want to get too big to the point where you reach an unhealthy weight. That could predispose your baby to a lot of health issues themselves after they're born, such as obesity.

You will probably have cravings no matter what during pregnancy, but you want to make sure you eat the right foods that don't cause you to gain too much weight. You can talk to a prenatal doctor to see what special diet you should be on to facilitate a healthy birth. 

Avoid Stress

Stress can take a huge toll on you during pregnancy. It can make this entire process more difficult and even lead to some stress disorders in the baby that is born in some cases. 

That's why all throughout pregnancy, you want to do everything you can to limit stress. Breathing exercises have helped a lot of pregnant women deal with stress whenever times get tough. Visualizing yourself in a happy place during the difficult portions of pregnancy also can help.

Stay Clear of Pollutants

There are a bunch of studies out that show pregnant women that expose themselves to pollutants are more likely to have babies that experience negative consequences. It could lead to some sort of respiratory problem like really bad allergies. 

Throughout all of the stages of pregnancy, try to isolate yourself in a controlled environment where the risk of pollutants won't be present. You particularly want to avoid areas where there are pollutants like smoke, toxic chemicals, and mold.

You may need to adjust your home environment so that you know for certain you won't come in contact with possible pollutants that could harm your baby ever before it's born. 

The concept of epigenetics is pretty supported today, and a lot of pregnant women are starting to take it seriously. If you are doing the same, then it helps to know what epigenetic practices you can implement throughout your pregnancy that reduce the likelihood of medical problems and conditions for the unborn baby. Reach out to training provider like Prenatal University to learn more.