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Teaching Your Teen To Drive

When you decide your teen is ready to start driving, there are a lot of things you should do in order to make sure they are responsible drivers who have a full understanding of everything that comes with driving a car. Here are some of the things you want to make sure you do to help prepare your teen for driving a car:

Teach them about proper car maintenance

It will prove to be very important for your teen to know how to take good care of their car so the car performs well and so there will be a decreased chance of it breaking down on them while they are driving it. Show them how to check and fill all of the fluids in the car, teach them about proper tire pressure, explain to them what can cause their battery to die (like leaving the headlights on overnight), and explain when to take the car in for oil changes and tune ups.

Go over driving safety with them

While it's true that your teen will learn about driving safety in the driver's education book and from courses they take, you will still want to go over these things with them to make sure they are well-versed in how to stay as safe as possible while they are driving a vehicle. Make sure they are told time and time again just how important it is for them to not text and drive.

Many teens have a problem leaving their phones alone—as do many adults—even though they know it is dangerous and illegal in many areas. You also want to explain the importance of not blasting the music so they can hear emergency vehicles and to never drive without putting on their seatbelt. You know your teen better than others, so you'll know if you need to take more drastic measures such as showing them videos of what can happen when they do things they shouldn't when they are behind the wheel.

Enroll your teen in a driver's education course

Sending your teen to a driver's education course is a great way for them to learn to drive. Sometimes it can be hard for a parent to teach their teen to drive, for both the parent and the teen. Plus, a driver's education instructor is specially trained on how to teach people to drive. This way, you know that everything is being covered and they are learning in a structured environment.