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Building An Inspirational Anthology: Methods That Can Make Your Book Awesome

In a time when hope is at an all-time low in this country, people are looking for something to inspire them, motivate them, and keep them going. You can always tell when public morale is low, because that is when you often see super hero movies glutting the box offices, drawing people in by the millions. If you would like to help others find the strength to keep going, consider writing an inspirational anthology of stories about people who rose to the challenges they faced and overcame them. Here are a few ways in which you can build your inspirational anthology so that the stories are real and relative to readers.

Buy Personal Stories Online

Place a classified ad calling for personal stories, or visit blogs and offer to buy personal stories surrounding the blog posts that you like best. All of this can be done online, and if you promise to give byline rights to the owner of the story, with retelling rights to you, you may find that acquiring lots of stories is quite easy. Many of the ways in which students buy term papers online can also be used to collect and buy personal and true stories of challenging situations, human strength, and the ability to overcome.

Visit Nursing Homes and Talk to the Residents

Who better to collect stories from than your elders? Many of the elderly citizens who are still alive today lived through the Great Depression, which was a far more difficult time than the current age. Every single resident who is at least that old will have at least one story to share. You could even do a book on the sage advice of the elderly with the number of stories you collect just from them.

Visit Veterans' Groups and Talk to Veterans

Veterans of Foreign Wars, or VFWs, have their share of amazing tales of adversity and strength. Many veterans' groups meet monthly to discuss what to do about their organizations, and some of them may be willing to share their stories with you. Korean and Vietnam vets may be of special interest to your book because they served their country and then came home to find that their country refused to take care of them and provide for their medical and financial needs. How they rose above these times and/or survived their tragedies would definitely be some good material for your book.