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Vocational School Certificate Holders' Potential To Earn More Than Bachelor's Degree Graduates

When a major Ivy League university declares that vocational school certificate holders can expect to earn higher salaries than a college student who has a bachelor's degree, sit up and pay attention. In fact, give this tip major attention and see how you can benefit from such a declaration. Training at a vocational school prepares you for a specific job that you want as a career. It's also hands-on training, which means you have experience performing this job as soon as you graduate and receive a certificate or associate degree in your career field of choice. You bring real skills to your job when you enter the workforce.

What Harvard University And U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics Say

Harvard University actually states that 27 percent of people holding postsecondary licenses or certificates earn more than other people with a bachelor's degree. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes that twice as many job openings are available for you with your vocational certificate or associate degree than for your peers who hold four year degrees. BLS taps occupations in business, healthcare, accounting and trucking as careers for potential employment when you graduate from vocational or technical school with your certificates in hand.

Other Vocational Schools Career Training Choices

Vocational schools, also known as trade schools, prepare you for certificates as plumbers, electricians, clerical workers, healthcare workers and many other careers that the country relies on to boost its economy. These jobs guarantee you earning power to buy a home or purchase vehicles. You move up the ladder of employment success and position yourself to take care of your family in the future. Take advantage of the fact that employers want to hire you. They don't want to spend their corporate funds hiring and training 4-year college graduates. They want to hire you and benefit from your ready skills.

Surge In Demand For Your Skills

A website article offers reasons for a surge in the demand for your valuable skills. It suggests that there is an apparent skills gap that links the falling supply of skilled workers with the expanding technical demands of the workplace. It's going to get even more demanding as older people retire from their jobs. Your skills are needed to fill those leaving the workplace as retirees. The article also offers the following valuable link Technical School is Right for You, which can help you learn which vocational or technical school is right for you. If you have a specific career in mind that you want, you should attend a licensed vocational school and obtain your certificate or associate degree. Click here for more on trade schools.